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4 Travel Beauty Tips

It had been a long time since I took a vacation. Life was busy and I did not even realize I needed to take a moment to slow down. The word self-care is used often, what does it really mean? I believe everyone has their own way to practice self-care. The important piece is consistently giving yourself the time to recharge. I was fortunate to spend two weeks in Puerto Rico which is one of my favorite places. The week leading up to my vacation was hectic and stressful. I was not even sure I wanted to go. I had no idea what to pack and I am the worst at deciding what to bring. I did not prepare. Traveling can be made easier with a little preparation. I am sharing my 4 travel beauty tips to help make packing your beauty routine easy and effective.

Every time I travel, I struggle with what to bring when it comes to my skincare routine. I always want to bring everything. I have a bag of random samples in my closet and this is what I usually pack in my makeup bag. This year was different. I focused on the basics of my skincare routine. The truth is there are so many products my skin could not live without. I did not want to make any changes to what I was already doing everyday. I kept in mind my destination and that the climate would be very different than what I was experiencing in Chicago. Even though my skin definitely changed during my trip, I only had to make a few adjustments. The best decision I made was traveling with my current products.

After many years of not applying SPF daily, I finally found a product I love. I can not say this enough, do not skip the SPF. This tip is extremely important. This trip I was very consistent with Tint · Prime · Protect + and it was the best thing I could do for my skin. If there was one product I would tell you to bring on a deserted island it would be SPF. This was the first time I did not get a sunburn in Puerto Rico. It only took me 4 trips to learn. I finally had a SPF that I really liked and worked for my skin. I loved the fact that it was a lightweight tint to my skin so I looked even and hydrated when going to the beach or walking the streets of Old San Juan. I felt confident in my complexion and was protected from the sun at the same time.

My next learning on this trip was an eye opener. Cleanser is key and do not buy a random travel size product. Make sure you pack the right cleanser for your skin. I brought my Have It All Gel Cleanser and it was a game changer. I had never done this before and I just knew it was too many days without the right product for my skin. Cleanser is an important part of your skincare routine and making sure you bring the right cleanser while on vacation will leave your skin balanced and healthy. It is important to stick to the basics of your skincare routine and travel with products you know and trust. This is not the time for experimentation of products you want to try. Keep your basics the same and pack them along for the ride.

I knew this tip, however it really affected me this trip more than ever. Travel affects our skin in many different ways. Let me tell you, do not skip the eye cream. It is important to bring an eye cream to help with jet lag along with getting plenty of rest and hydrating. A lot of times when we first get to our destination we are excited to explore and enjoy our trip. My first day in San Juan I wanted to experience everything and definitely did not hydrate or sleep enough. Have It All Eye Cream saved the day for me a few times. My dark circles and puffiness were causing havoc on my skin and I made sure I used my eye cream twice a day. I was not even planning on packing my eye cream and I am so glad I did.

Beauty does not have to be complicated. Understand the climate of your destination and stick to the basics. Consistency is always key to healthy and glowing skin. Take the vacation and live it up. Self-care is never selfish and you will be glad you took the time for you. The memories you create are priceless and will bring joy for years to come. Next time you jet set you will be ready with the right beauty products for your skin.



My 4 Travel Beauty Tips

  1. Use SPF Consistently

  2. The Right Cleanser Is Key

  3. Travel With Your Current Products

  4. Don’t Skip The Eye Cream

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