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Refillable Cosmetics Case

With Elate's Petite Palette, you can refill your essentials with ease. This refillable palette just fits 1-2 of your minimalist beauty essentials. Perfect for 1 Brown Balm, or 2 Pressed EyeColours for the perfect eyeshadow duo.


Why It Is AYI Approved:

  • Fits Your Everyday Essentials 
  • Personalized Magnetic Palette 
  • Refillable 
  • Sustainable Packaging 


Palettes you can’t personalize are a thing of the past: With Elate's Petite Palette, choose your shades, so no product goes unused—or to a landfill. The petite palette is suitable for 1 Brow Balm or up to 2 Pressed EyeColours.


***No Discounts Apply On Makeup Products 

Petite Palette

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