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ACNE: The Other Four Letter Word

I started on my Accutane treatment in 6th grade, circa 1991. My skin was so raw it hurt. My confidence was completely nonexistent and I just wanted to crawl underneath a rock and never come out. The worst days? When I pretended to be ill so I didn't have to go to school and hide out until the swelling or redness would calm down. Little did I know that I would relive my acne nightmare as an adult…


In 1998 I started suffering the acne nightmare AGAIN… I walked into a retailer feeling horrible about myself. At 18, I had so much to say, a voice quieted by my lack of confidence. I wanted to completely hide away (again) and went searching for a way to “cover up” my skin. I grabbed money that I made from my part-time position at Abercrombie and Fitch, and set out for a quick skin fix.

I stepped into a large department store and walked straight to the cosmetic department. Before I entered I took a great big breath hoping no one would talk to me due to how I looked. I walked looking down at the floor, and a woman approached me. She asked me questions about my skin as I explained that I just wanted foundation to cover my acne. She offered a seat and matched my perfect shade foundation, but more importantly she walked me through a new skincare regimen and the detailed direction of how to apply the products that suddenly gave me renewed hope.

Well over my budget, I purchased what was suggested. She sampled me on the product that I wasn't ready to take home that day with instructions on how to use it. After this experience, I realized that this woman changed my life! My skin improved dramatically, and I practiced the skill of self confidence. This began my appreciation of skin self care BUT ALSO the trust I had in a skincare specialist.

Fast forward to present times- I have 13 year old twin boys and an 11 year old little girl, and my heart aches just the thought of them going through any shame in how their skin looks. As a parent, we just want to have this bubble to protect them from anything negative, but there's only so much we can control. Unfortunately my boys have inherited my skin, and Noah (older by one minute) started breaking out in 3rd grade. I started a Proactiv subscription that seemed to work for a while, but it was when AYI came to life, that his skin truly cleared up without redness, irritation, and inflammation. His twin brother, Patrick, is still learning the importance of skincare, and when it comes with clinical skincare to have the maximum efficacy, consistency is key. I just can't even imagine what their skin would look like without AYI!!!

Before (top) & after (bottom) results using AYI Beauty Acne Regimen

Patrick's 2021 school picture. No "retouches" needed!

Developing AYI Beauty has been rewarding to say the least, as we provide SAFE, CLINICAL skincare that works!!!!! We have gotten numerous requests for acne control products and regimens for both adolescents and adults- so here is what we recommend for both:

ADOLESCENT and ADULT Acne (including cystic) Regimen

STEP 1- Cleanse: Have It All Gel Cleanser: Unclogs pores while improving luminosity and hyperpigmentation. This hydrating and soothing formula has 2% salicylic acid to keep your face and body clear! Tip! Leave on for 20 minutes for a gentle, at home mini-peel.

STEP 2- Exfoliate (DAY): Activate Resurfacing Pads: evens out skintone while removing dead skin on contact. Watch your pores virtually disappear and you will never want to go a day without these resurfacing like magic pads. Perfect for rosacea caused acne as well!

STEP 2 - Exfoliate (NIGHT): Clearvoyance Peel: There is nothing like our “leave on every night-time” peel. Formulated with pure, medical grade 10% glycolic acid, this product is clinically proven to keep skin clear (especially from hormonally disturbed skin at any age). The bonus? Adults get to reap the benefits of the amazing skin smoothing and dramatically lessening the look of fine lines and wrinkles!

STEP 3- Hydrate (DAY): Tint Prime Protect: SPF 30 formula that does it all. Smooths texture, blurs imperfections, firming, and reduces redness on contact. Lightweight and beautiful on ALL skin tones. Never need to worry about any white cast with this chemical free protection. TIP: also protects against indoor UVA lights that contribute to dark spots.

STEP 3- Hydrate (NIGHT): Clearvoyance Hydrator: Keep your skin hydrated while keeping your skin acne free. Packed with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E and F, your skin will feel balanced, nourished, soothed, without any heavy feeling.

Lastly, spot treat with SPOT ON!!! This little roller ball will immediately provide relief to any annoying breakout. Keep it nearby and have adolescents reach for this pocket size product rather than the temptation to pick! The pesky pimples will be drastically reduced if not GONE by the next day!

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