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My Struggle With SPF

Before getting my first job in cosmetics, I was clueless on how to take care of my skin and had no idea how to apply makeup. I will never forget my first day working as a beauty consultant. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I decided to take a leap of faith and learn a new skill. My first job was at Younkers in the Fox River Mall. I have so much gratitude for my time in this store. This job changed my entire life. I was fortunate to work with an incredibly talented beauty team. I looked up to all of them. They took the time to teach me everything I needed to know when it came to being an advisor. From skincare to fragrance, I slowly started to become an expert.

No excuses, I knew the importance of SPF. For many years, I struggled to be consistent with this step in my skincare routine. Why did I struggle? I wanted to be in the sun any chance I got and I never liked how sunscreen felt on my skin. Glowing and sun-kissed was always a look I had to achieve. Living in the midwest, anytime I had the opportunity to get in the sunshine I would take it to the extreme. I never wanted to wear SPF because I wanted that beautiful sun-kissed glow to my skin and quickly. The reality was a sunburn and the glow came way later. This was incredibly damaging to my skin at the moment and into the future.

Something had to change. What was it going to take to get consistent with SPF and protect my skin from sun damage? I needed something that was more than just a SPF. This was the way I could commit to using this product in my daytime skincare routine. I found the largest change I could do to protect my skin was to add SPF to my skincare routine. It was time to make it happen.

The first time I tried Tint · Prime · Protect, I knew it was going to be a game changer for my skin. I was always consistent with wearing a makeup primer and this was the perfect product to replace my current primer and add SPF into the mix. Also, this was the time I was simplifying my skincare routine. I love wearing Tint · Prime · Protect without foundation. This made making a quick trip to the store or going on a run outside a flawless event. I found the end of my struggle with wearing SPF every day. This small change has made a major impact on my skin.

I was not the only one finding a love for Tint · Prime · Protect's multitasking benefits. This inspired the launch of Tint · Prime · Protect + and we were so excited to add it to our skincare line at AYI Beauty. We are proud to have more options in SPF and continue to focus on providing multitasking products to make skincare simple and effective. No matter what it is you are trying to be more consistent with, find a way to easily incorporate it with the current routines you do have. It took replacing a simple step in my own beauty routine to use SPF daily. Find the why and the rest will fall into place.



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