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Why I Simplified My Beauty Routine

I started working in the beauty industry in 2006 and quickly fell in love with everything that had to do with skincare and makeup. My beauty routine went from 5 to 45 minutes overnight. I was obsessed with having all the new industry must-have beauty products on the market. I guess you could say I was what you call a beauty junkie.

I spent thousands of dollars a year trying to transform my look. Layering on products for no reason whatsoever. I felt lost in a sea of products never truly feeling my best self. I was buying products just to have them. The majority were not even right for my skin. I loved how beauty products transformed my look, however I was always trying to be someone I was not. I even went to the extreme of dying my hair completely blonde. Let’s just say that was not my best look ever.

During my journey of starting AYI Beauty, I began to embrace my natural features. Simplifying my beauty routine to only a few effective products in both makeup and skincare. As I look at myself in the mirror today, I see the real me. Embracing my natural features and finding products that give my look a boost not masking my true self. I feel confident and it is amazing to get results from just a few products. Plus, I no longer have to spend money on botox and lip filler.

Using effective products that aligned with my skincare and makeup aspirations was a game changer. I started to see real results, enhanced my look with minimal makeup and saved myself time and money. What was priceless was how I see myself today and no longer need to be someone I am not.

Confidence is the ultimate way to feel beautiful. Finding the right products best for your lifestyle and goals makes all the difference. My daily must-have products are a cleanser, eye cream, and tinted moisturizer. I add a serum when my skin needs a boost and exfoliate a few days a week to keep my skin smooth and refined. I look forward to taking a few minutes to invest in myself everyday. Blocking out time for self-care that does not have to take all day.

AYI Beauty has so many options to help you achieve your skincare aspirations. Remember less is more. Take our clinical skincare quiz and find out your custom effective skincare routine.



My Transition To A Simplified Beauty Routine: 2018 to Today

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