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Hey, Gratitude, You Are Everything.

Every Thanksgiving, we have a family tradition as we drive over to our cousins house to celebrate the holiday. It is about a 40 minute drive, and we take turns talking about what we are most grateful for from the past year. It is a great way to take a moment, unplug, and reflect together as a family. I love hearing about what was most meaningful to my husband and kids while expressing my personal gratitude! Afterward we turn on the holiday music and it is our official kickoff to the season!

Gratitude will get you through any challenging situation. Priorities will change with what your heart desires and what is most important to you. What may seem like a step back and confusing to other people, will leave you feeling confident in your decisions.

Many people could not grasp that I quit my high paying corporate job with many benefits voluntarily, but I knew exactly what I was doing. I know that I have a higher purpose and can make a larger impact in being part of a movement to enrich others lives. When realizing I was not defined by others is when the true gratitude came into play. I stopped being afraid or nervous that my life could be dictated by others. Whenever I get nervous, I remember the "signs" (like the picture above with a rainbow reflection) that there is a bigger plan and to keep moving towards the goals that I have in my heart.

This Thanksgiving, define YOUR success. The concern and thoughtfulness of others is a gift to the world, but keep in mind that you cannot care for others to its fullest potential unless you take care of YOU first. Health is the key component to happiness. Support yourself, support others, and allow people to support you. Own your decisions, be grateful, and practice self care. These are the first steps in redefining success! No matter where you are in your journey, I am 100% confident that you are on your way to making a greater impact personally and for others!

This Thanksgiving, I want to reflect on how grateful I am for YOU. Thank you for allowing AYI to make a difference in your life, transform your skin, and promote wellness for yourself and others. At AYI we are PROUD to have you part of this amazing journey and we THANK YOU for your support and love!

XOXO, Becky Feeley

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